I offer a unique combination of holistic yoga,  Thai style yoga massage/bodywork and lifestyle advice to restore the natural balance in your body and mind.

Upcoming & Ongoing:

#3 Elements Retreat (Meco Beach
6 dates from April to Nov´19

SUP LOVERS ESCAPE Retreat (Guincho) 
8-14th of June´19

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A reflection of my journey…

I have reached a moment in time where I would like to share my accumulated experiences, this feeling of greater freedom, happiness and integrity with others. Like a mediator, not like a teacher, I encourage people to discover their own inner potential. My Ayurvedic “toolbox” is helping me to guide you in whichever way is most suited for you at the present moment.

Under the guidance of skilful teachers, my practice has evolved, unfolded and continuous to do with my daily practice. I have started to integrate Yin Yoga in my personal practice and in my teaching. Its approach offers a complementary approach to my Bodywork/Thai Style Massage Sessions. The 5 Elements that provide the building blocks of all life are part of my thinking, feeling and actions and thus are also reflected in my Vinyasa (themed) classes, workshops and retreats.


What does a Yoga
session look like?

I initiate you to the world of yoga so that you can find your path, at our own pace. In private or small group sessions, at your home or at my space, you can enjoy your practice with my gentle guidance.

It is about learning to work more skillfully with what you have. Alignment and release techniques will help you to feel relaxed, less limited and more in tune with your body and inner self. During the class, I will guide you with clear announcements through a sequence of movements (Asanas) that are a little challenging yet therapeutic. I will choose a topic for each class (in relation to the Ayurvedic 5 Element Theory) that will help you manifest your intention both physically, mentally and spiritually. Through the practice of Pranayama, Mantras and Meditation you will learn to unwind and to bring some moments of “magic” into your daily life.

Your benefits:

  • increased body awareness and a heightened sense of well being
  • a wider range of body movement
  • increased resistance to daily life situations (stress, worries etc…)
  • a feeling of lightness and happiness

Specifically in private sessions:

  • advice on how your personal yoga practice could help you remove specific doshic imbalances (that relate to the manifestation of a disease)
  • lifestyle and nutritional tools to complement your individual practice

What does Ayurveda do for you?

Ayurveda is a holistic medical science that treats the person as a whole. Body, mind and spirit are treated as an interconnected system; when one part is out of balance it might affect the other part(s) and thus my aim is to help you stay in (or return to) a state of balance. The focus of this healing method is to guide you to heal yourself by activating your innate energy and restore balance.

During a consultation session, we can determine your predominant constitution, as well as trying to find out what causes an imbalance. This is a very individual approach, what works well for one person may not work at all for another. Based on this theory, I will help you with suggestions to optimize some habits in your daily life (this might even extend to your Yoga practice). “…an understanding of the Ayurvedic constitutional types helps us adapt yoga practices according to individual requirements” (David Frawley)

Your benefits:

  • Become aware of your Constitution/ Ayurvedic Body Type
  • Learn to know what suits your Constitution, what you should avoid
  • Know what kind of movement and exercise is best for you
  • Together we work on some strategies that may help you integrate new habits into your daily life

What does Ayurvedic Yoga Massage do for you?

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage comprises Yoga-based assisted stretching and deep tissue muscle stimulation and massage to open and realign the entire body a truly powerful system of body therapy.

Whilst similar, at first glance, to Shiatsu or Thai and traditional Ayurvedic stroking massage (abhanya), it is actually a completely different system of therapeutic bodywork as it uses a unique system of synchronized breathing and stretching, progressively moving deeper and deeper within the body.

During your therapy session, I provide my full attention, in order to connect with you on a level. This is where (self-) healing starts to be effective. I always remember the words of one of my teachers Sebastian Bruno: ” Thai Massage is a dance of two people moving relaxed and gracefully …” So, shall we dance together?

Your benefits:

  • relieves stress, tension & fatigue
  • stimulates circulation & restores vitality in the entire body
  • eliminates pain (sometimes more then 1 treatment is needed)
  • increases emotional well being
  • strengthens the immune system & specific organs
  • detoxification
  • promotes better sleep

Workshops & Retreats

My time goes towards hosting and (co-)facilitating events where I can spend the time to meet and work with individuals, to share experiences and to feel that sense of belonging to a “sangha” (community) of amazing souls. 


Every event is unique and every event is created with special care and many hours of planning “behind the scenes”. If you like to join me on this journey as a participant or co-creator, I look forward to hearing from you.



Standard Pricing:
70 Euro for 1.5 hours

*1st Massage only 50 Euro

5x Treatment (5x 50 Euro), 200 Euro (or buy 5 get one free)

Pre-paid, used up within 1 month, used by only 1 person
1x Massage can also be exchanged for an Ayurvedic Consultation or a private Yoga session

3x Treatment, 130 Euro

Pre-paid, used up within 1 month, used by only 1 person
1x Massage can also be exchanged for an Ayurvedic Consultation or a private Yoga session

Thai Vedic Package, 100 Euro

1x Thai-Style Massage (1.5 hours)
1x Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation (up to 1.5 hours)
1x Private Yoga Session according to your Dosha Type (approx 1 hour)


Why not surprise someone special to a beautiful wellbeing experience?
A (printed) Gift Voucher for a THAI-STYLE BODY MASSAGE (approx 1 hour )

1x Voucher 40 Euro
2x Voucher 70 Euro (for 2 different people)

April 2019

  • Yin Yoga at Siendo
  • Yin Yoga at Siendo
  • Yin Yoga at Siendo
“I started with a Massage to help relieve some pain in my shoulder. Then we started some Yin Yoga poses the second time. I did not know what to expect but I realize now that all I had to do was trust and let go…“ Sara Monteiro


“These two consultation sessions have helped me to understand how easy it is to make little changes in daily life that result in great changes in my well being. It’s so fundamental that everyone should know about it. Thank you, Tina!” Nathalie Singer


“I loved the Yoga sessions, it helped me to understand how to connect my breath with movement. I also feel that my flexibility has increased.”  Leonard Nika (Pro SUP Athlete)


“It was a beautiful relaxing experience. My body felt much lighter and less achy, especially since I was not able to do any exercise in the past few weeks. I have also slept deep and dreamless for the first time in ages.“ Carmen Santos


” I feel amazing! I finally feel my inner calm and equanimity again – you (Tina) have removed the blockage (not only in my hip).” Nadine Dittrich






Inspiration for your journey, information about my classes, special events and (international) retreats/workshops.

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#3 Elements Retreat, 21st – 28th April 2019


SUP Lovers Retreat – 8th – 14th June 2019


Please get in touch if you have any questions,
ideas or just want to get to know me personally.