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“Massage is one of the most subtle arts- and it is not only a question of expertise. It is more a question of love”
 – Osho

I offer a unique combination of holistic yoga,  Thai style yoga massage / bodywork & lifestyle advice to restore the natural balance in your body & mind.

Change takes place when
you become what you are...

According to traditional ayurvedic belief we are all born with a predisposition towards a specific body constitution (dosha type). Our lifestyle, nutrition, work and  mental stability has an affect on our well being and our ability to heal ourselves.

Ayurveda and its extended systems of yoga and bodywork / massage therapy intend to rid us from (energy) blockages, to stimulate the natural flow of life-force and maintain a healthy balance of body & mind. 

Both Yoga and Massage therapy are physical and mindful practices that often result in a powerful mind/body experience. Moreover, through focused therapy sessions, problems relating to stress, immobility due to injury, ageing and chronic conditions can be reduced. 

You have arrived here, our paths have crossed. Nothing happens by chance, now it is up to you to follow your intution and give yourself the permission to journey on. Any discovery is a step towards your wellbeing, your happiness and your true self. I honour your trust and, in return, offer my services in deep gratitude. Namaste.

Please read on below for more details about Ayurveda / Yoga / Massage Therapies or click here for a summary & pricing.



Welcome to the world of Ayurveda
& what it can do for YOU

Welcome to the world of Ayurveda and what it can do for YOU. I am Tina Sahl, an Ayurvedic therapist & yoga teacher based in Portugal. What I want to share with you is based on my personal experience and insights into the diverse cultures and practices that have led me to passionately follow the path of a holistic lifestyle.

Ayurveda is an ancient science that includes a variety of holistic practices such as yoga, massage, nutrition and many more specific concepts for managing your health and well-being. Also referred to as “the art of living well” it can help build a solid foundation for a deeper relationship with your mind, body and intuition. The focus is on activating your innate energy and restoring balance, it’s about prevention rather than cure.

Do you have an intuitive feeling that you should take better care of your one and only precious self? Perhaps you are looking to find a yoga practice that is suitable for you, tips on how to manage your busy days with more peace of mind, to get your zest and energy for life back, learn more about the theory in a workshop, join like-minded souls in a retreat, enjoy a detoxifying massage or a sunset meditation surrounded by stunning nature. Together, we can identify your imbalances and look into practices that benefit your unique constitution.

Your Ayurvedic experience can take many shapes and forms. It might be just a little sneak peek, a fun experience or a total life changer. Whatever shape or form it takes, you are taking the first important step towards taking charge of your well-being.

To find out more about your inherent constitution and imbalance(s) that affect your day to day physical and emotional wellbeing, please schedule a 1 to 1 session with me. 


Thai-style Yoga Massage & Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Both Massage Therapies are holistic treatments that integrate the principles of Ayurveda. Focus is on eliminating the source of the pain/discomfort from its point of origin (which is not always the same as the area of discomfort) and to eliminate energy blockages for a greater sense of wellbeing.

Your benefits:

  • reduces muscle tension
  • improves flexibility
  • regenerates the skin in depth
  • improves the circulation of all fluids
  • replenishes energy reserves
  • reduces stress and anxiety 
  • allows you to reconnect with yourself


Thai-style Yoga Massage / Bodywork (TYM)


The combination of Yoga & Bodywork is often referred to as (Ayurvedic) Yoga Therapy. It enables the mind to transcend, to experience a form of deep healing. The aim of the practitioner is not to try to repair something but to remind your body about its innate ability to repair itself on two levels, a physical and a spiritual one.

Thai-Style Massage is an ancient healing touch based on Buddha s essential teaching of mindful living through Metta (loving-kindness), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (joy) and Upekkha (equanimity). Thus it is essential for the therapist to create an environment of inner peace, quiet and comfort for both. Both the giver and the receiver are fully clothed, in comfortable outfits, the massage then takes place on a mat on the floor. The receiver is gently moved into different positions on the mat where the therapist is applying various forms of stretching, rolling, compression in a rhythmic and flowing movement. Often compared with “passive” yoga, breath and movement are aligned but the receiver is completely relaxed, all the work is done by the therapist.


What does a Thai-Style massage do for you?


The application of various methods allows a larger spectrum of healing than is possible with a “western” mind that focuses almost solely on removing the symptoms.

Through a combination of elements derived from Chinese medicine, Hata Yoga, fascia release, osteopathic principles as well as the concept of Yin & Yang a unique sequence can evolve whereby the giver and the receiver join in a “sacred dance”.


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM)

The original Ayurvedic Yoga Massage method was developed in Pune in the early 80´s by Master Kusum Modak. Originating from the Indian tradition, AYM is a comprehensive dynamic bodywork that combines elements of deep tissue massage therapy, yoga-based assisted stretching and breathwork into one treatment . The massage is performed on a (heated) mattress on the floor. Unique to this treatment is the application of a small amount of oil mixed with Calamus powder, a plant with exfoliating and stimulating effects. The mix is applied using slow, deep massage strokes with the hands and feet, followed by deep stretches. 

This treatment is highly recommended for joint and muscle problems and pain, breathing difficulties such as asthma, circulatory problems, intestinal disorders, sleep disorders, anxiety, stress and depression. 

Your benefits:

  • reduces muscle tension
  • improves flexibility
  • regenerates the skin in depth
  • improves the circulation of all fluids
  • replenishes energy reserves
  • reduces stress and anxiety 
  • allows you to reconnect with yourself


    Watch a short video of a AYM session here


What does a Yoga
session look like?

I initiate you to the world of yoga so that you can find your path, at our own pace. In private or small group sessions, at your home or at my space, you can enjoy your practice with my gentle guidance.

It is about learning to work more skillfully with what you have. Alignment and release techniques will help you to feel relaxed, less limited and more in tune with your body and inner self. During the class, I will guide you with clear announcements through a sequence of movements (Asanas) that are a little challenging yet therapeutic. I will choose a topic for each class (in relation to the Ayurvedic 5 Element Theory) that will help you manifest your intention both physically, mentally and spiritually. Through the practice of Pranayama, Mantras and Meditation you will learn to unwind and to bring some moments of “magic” into your daily life.

Your benefits:

  • increased body awareness and a heightened sense of well being
  • a wider range of body movement
  • increased resistance to daily life situations (stress, worries etc…)
  • a feeling of lightness and happiness

Specifically in private sessions:

  • adjustments and / or deep (massage) stretches where or whenever it is needed to relief tension
  • the dynamic and pace of the session adjusts to your needs and can range from gentle stretches, a creative flow to a powerful session

Online Classes

Zoom YIN YOGA, Every Wednesday 7pm – 8pm* (all levels) * Lisbon Time

Please follow me on Instagram (@tina_sahl) to get more insight about these classes or e-mail me ( to register / receive updates, your login code and news directly to your mailbox or phone (only as per your request).

Yin Yoga are slow-moving classes with longer held postures that encourage self-exploration. This is a meditative form of yoga, each class is themed differently to let you explore various aspects of bodywork and meditation. 

Each of my classes is unique to provide you with a unique experience. I offer suggestions for modifications to make this class beneficial and enjoyable for any level practitioner. 


Monthly rate (4 x sessions) : 25 Euro , drop-in rate: 7 Euro/session
You are welcome to join a free trial at any time.

How to join?

If you are interested to join and try out a class (for free), please send me an e-mail or WhatsApp message (+351 91 797 0488). You will then receive the log in code, there is no need for any further registration.
If, thereafter, you opt to join regularly, please refer to the payment options in the flyer.
You can make payment via MBway, Paypal or Bank Transfer. If you happen to miss any of the six sessions/month, you can let me know and I’ll send you a recorded session instead.
The classes do not require any specific props other than a yoga mat or a carpet but I suggest that you prepare a little pillow and a folded blanket for your comfort. If you have yoga blogs, bolsters, straps etc, they might come in handy as well and I encourage you to keep them nearby.
Feel free to chat with me before your first class so that we become to know each other all little bit and to clear up any questions or concerns that you might have. Beside the scheduled classes you may contact me for any support or advice that can help you to enjoy your yoga journey.

Finally, don’t forget to sign-up to receive any updates as they happen via email and / or WhatsApp. 


Workshops & Retreats

I love to immerse, teach and share in a comfortable and/or natural setting that allows time to connect with people, to share some laughter and to create special moments together. 


Whether it is your own retreat / event, or you are looking to simply add a class / therapy / workshop, I can support you by offering my services at an hourly / half day / daily / weekly rate. Depending on the location (nationally or internationally), I can also help you with the logistics. 

For up-dates and announcements please follow me on Instagram: @tina_sahl 


“I started with a Massage to help relieve some pain in my shoulder. Then we started some Yin Yoga poses the second time. I did not know what to expect but I realize now that all I had to do was trust and let go…“ Sara Monteiro


“These two consultation sessions have helped me to understand how easy it is to make little changes in daily life that result in great changes in my well being. It’s so fundamental that everyone should know about it. Thank you, Tina!” Nathalie Singer


“I feel amazing! I finally feel my inner calm and equanimity again – you (Tina) have removed the blockage (not only in my hip).”

Nadine Dittrich


“It was a beautiful relaxing experience. My body felt much lighter and less achy, especially since I was not able to do any exercise in the past few weeks. I have also slept deep and dreamless for the first time in ages.“ Carmen Santos


“I loved the Yoga sessions, it helped me to understand how to connect my breath with movement. I also feel that my flexibility has increased.”  Leonard Nika (Pro SUP Athlete)


“Tina has the most gentle touch yet the massage feels powerful and very professional. I feel much less stressed and with some good vibes to accompany me through the day”

Maria Sea´Ya Guesthouse


“Thank you so much for the class today. Thoroughly enjoyed it and obviously couldn’t hold some positions for as long but it was a magnificent stretch which I so need.”

Diana Rawes

Yin Yoga Class

“Tina, since I have started with yin yoga I feel like new in my body. It took a little while to find the joy in the practise, now I don’t want to miss any session. Thank you!”

Fernanda Grazziani

Yin Yoga Class

Past Events


“SUP Lovers Retreat” 
Cascais, June ’19


“5 Elements Retreat”
Mecco, May ’19


“Ayurveda in everyday life”
Germany, Jan ´19


Please get in touch if you have any questions, like to receive notifications of the updated session & event schedule in your mailbox, or just want to know me personally

+351 917 970 488

Appointments by pre-booking: Sintra / Ulgueira